Board of Directors 2016-2017


President Stephen Gower
Vice President Wayne Doyle
Secretary John Maher
Treasurer Mark Pearce

Other Directors

Barb Benson Bill Bailey
Marilyn Assaf Wilma Rosas
Keith Wilson


Bar & Refreshments Coordinator
Bowen Park Venue Coordinator Marilyn Assaf & Tina Maher
Christmas Gala Coordinator John Maher
Dancesport Nanaimo Coordinator Lynn Peachey
Dance Camp Coordinator John Maher
Dance Floor News Editor Andy Mundy
Dance Fest Coordinator Nelson Wong
Demonstration Coordinator Shiloh Durkee
Equipment Coordinator Mark Pearce & Nelson Wong
Island Fantasy Ball Coordinator Vicki Linfitt
Membership Coordinator Keith Wilson
Marketing & Promotion Coordinator Marilyn Assaf
Nanoose Place Venue Coordinator Stephen Gower
NBDS e-News Editor Mark Pearce & Arabella Benson
Silver Slipper Editors Marilyn Assaf & Mark Pearce
Ticketed events Ticket coordinator
Video Librarian Bruce Joiner
Volunteer Coordinators
Web Site Coordinator Andy Mundy & Vicki Linfitt
Workshops & DJ Coordinator Mark Pearce


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